10 Brilliant First Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Make Their Day!

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10 Brilliant First Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Make Their Day!

Do you have a little one's first birthday coming up? Selecting a present for a soon-to-be one-year-old can be quite a challenge, but fret not! We're here to guide you in discovering the perfect gift for that 1st milestone birthday.

How do you choose the perfect gift for a baby's first birthday?

Well, the key is to choose gifts that will grab their attention and provide plenty of interactive play. Brightly-coloured toys with tactile elements tend to be a big hit for this age group.

Educational toys are also a fantastic choice, as these early years are crucial for a child's development, and play is the way they learn. Look for toys that help with essential skills like hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

While focusing on learning and development, safety should always be a top priority. Go for baby 1st birthday gifts from reputable manufacturers that meet safety standards. It's also important to choose age-appropriate toys, as those intended for older children may pose choking hazards for a one-year-old.

Make this milestone birthday extra special with a gift that's both engaging and safe.


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  1. First Birthday Personalised Book

    A First Birthday Personalised Book is a fantastic gift for a 1-year-old. It adds a personal touch and becomes a treasured keepsake. It engages young children with colourful illustrations and age-appropriate stories, hopefully ensuring a love for reading in the future. It also creates lasting memories and nostalgia as the child grows older. It's a very meaningful and memorable birthday present for a 1 year old.

    Personalised book | First birthday gift idea

  2. Toy Car Garage

    With its vibrant and playful colours, this raceway is built with a chunky design, just right for those little 1 year old hands. They'll watch as the car zooms down the spiral race track or whizzes out through the speed ramp. This brill play set even includes two parking bays and a helipad. It's the perfect gift for any budding driver, providing hours of play and excitement! 

    Tiny Teamsterz Spiral Raceway Launcher | Includes 1 Soft Touch Car
  3. Baby's Star Sign Book

    A Baby's Star Sign Book is a fantastic gift for a 1st birthday. It adds a personal touch by focusing on the child's specific star sign and offers insights into their personality and traits. It's a unique keepsake that captures their astrological profile and creates lasting memories. A thoughtful and intriguing present that celebrates their individuality and sparks curiosity about astrology.

    Baby's Star Sign Book
  4. Interactive Baby Laptop

    The VTech See & Surprise Laptop is a great first birthday gift. It's educational, interactive, durable, and portable and it's sure to keep them entertained and learning for hours on end.

    Baby Interactive Laptop

  5. The Classic Stuffed Toy

    A stuffed toy is a great choice for a first birthday gift. Itll bring comfort and companionship to the little one for many of the early years. Certain soft toys become their trusted buddy, they offer a sense of security and emotional support. What makes a stuffed toy even more special is that it may well become a cherished keepsake. As they grow older, that beloved toy becomes a source of nostalgia, a reminder of their early childhood days.

    Classic Stuffed Toy
  6. A Book Subscription (1-3 years)

    A book subscription is an wonderful gift idea for a first birthday! It will help with early literacy development, which means it'll probably spark a love for reading and boost little one's language skills. It's like planting the seeds of imagination and storytelling in their little minds. Books are timeless treasures that can be cherished for years to come, creating beautiful memories and nostalgia.

    Toddler Book Subscription - First Birthday Gift Idea
  7. First birthday Gift Hamper

    Keep things easy with a pre-thought out gift hamper. These hampers have already been thought through so they contain a multitude of gift perfect for a first birthday. The one we're linking to is presented in a handy toy basket and includes, Short Dungarees/Lion Pjs/Bear Tracksuit, Chunky, Transport Puzzle, Wooden Hammer Bench, Touch & Feel Sensory Book, Bath Book With Finger Puppets, 1st Birthday Picture Frame, Toy Basket
    (Handy for storing toys or taking to visit friends).

    First Birthday Gift Hamper

  8. Dolls Pram

    These days, it's not just girls who play with dolls pram - boys often do as well. At 1 year old, baby won't be far off taking their first steps. A dolls pram will not only provide hours of fun but will also help support your little one as they take their first steps. (If they haven't already)

    Babyboo My First 4-in-1 Baby Dolls Pram/Pushchair/Stroller
  9. A Ride-on Toy

    Ride-on toys are an usually a big hit for a first birthday gift. Kids have loads of fun zooming around and letting their imaginations run wild. But it's not just about fun—it's about development too. Riding these toys helps little ones build their muscles and coordination, making those first steps even stronger. Plus, it boosts their confidence and independence when they can zip around on their own. They'll enjoy this type of toy for at least the next year, so it's a gift that keeps on giving.

    EVO JCB Fastrac Construction Tractor Ride On Toy
  10. Bath Toys

    Bath toys are another popular choice for a first birthday gift. They turn the daily bath time into a sensory adventure, engaging kids with vibrant colours and textures. Not only are they loads of fun, but they also have developmental benefits, improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as helping little ones feel more comfortable in water and creating a calming atmosphere. 

    Bath toy ideas for first birthday

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