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Barbie Skipper Sleepy Baby Playset and Dolls £29.99

Barbie Doll with Swimsuit and Beach Themed Accessories £15.99

Barbie Ultimate Closet Playset £26.99

Barbie Doll With Wheelchair And Ramp - Blonde £23.99

Barbie Pink Convertible 2-Seater Car with Rolling Wheels £24.99

Barbie Moped with Puppy £21.99

Barbie 'Malibu' Travel Set - 10+ Pieces Including Working Suitcase & Puppy £27.99

Disney Princess Swim & Splash Ariel Doll £26.99

Disney Frozen Frozen Classic Storybook Set £29.99

Disney Frozen Anna Singing Doll £26.99

Disney Frozen Elsa Singing Doll £26.99

Disney Frozen 2 Anna Doll £12.99

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Doll £12.99

Frozen Storytime Stackers Elsa's Ice Palace Doll and Playset £24.99

Disney Princess Ariel Doll £12.99

Disney Princess Cinderella Doll £12.99

Disney Princess Aurora Doll £12.99

Disney Princess Moana Doll £12.99

Disney Princess Rapunzel Doll £12.99

Disney Princess My Friend Cinderella Doll £21.99

Disney Princess My Friend Rapunzel Doll £21.99

Disney Princess Rapunzel Fairytale Hair Doll and Accessories £24.99

Disney Princess My Friend Belle Doll £21.99

Disney Princess My Friend Jasmine Doll £21.99

Babyboo Cutie Baby Doll - Blue £7.99

BabyBoo Bed Time Baby Doll with Bottle - Blue £14.99

My Little Pony Pipp Petal Styling Head £6.49 £12.99

My Princess Styling Doll Head | Princess £12.99

BabyBoo 2-IN-1 Baby Dolls Chair £9.99

My Little Pony Style N' Groom Sunny Starscout Styling Head £10.99 £21.99

Dollsworld Dolls Outfits 46cm (18") £12.99

Dollsworld Dolls Outfits 41cm (16") £12.99

Dollsworld Isabella Doll - 30cm/12 inch with Car Seat £21.99

Barbie Pop Reveal Doll - Assorted £26.99

Furby Purple Interactive Toy £69.99

Furby Coral Interactive Toy £69.99

FurReal Newborns Plush Toy Assortment - Styles May Vary £16.99

Babyboo Cutie Baby Doll - Pink £7.99

Are you in search of a delightful doll for your child? Look no further! Wowow Toys offers a wide variety of dolls to suit all preferences and ages. Whether it's your child's first soft doll or something unique and special, we have got you covered.

We understand that each child is unique, and that's why we stock a great selection of dolls that come with their own accessories, like bottles, bibs, and dolls prams. These interactive toys are sure to provide endless hours of fun and imaginative play for your little ones.

Our dolls are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they are both safe and durable for your child to play with. They are designed to foster creativity and stimulate your child's imagination, which helps them develop essential skills while having fun.

Need a dolls pram to go with your doll? We are the no.1 stockist and manufacturer of dolls prams in the UK.

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