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Party Bag Toys

Disney Stitch Collectible 2.5" Figures - 5 Pack £7.99 £9.99

Fruity Friends Assorted Fidget Toys - 12 Pack £14.99

Teamsterz Street Machine Toy Car Multipack | 18 Included £16.99

Paw Patrol Bubble 24 Multipack - 59ml, With Maze Game £12.99

Squish-Meez Stick-I-Mals - Light Up & Glitter - 24 Pack £21.99

Squish-Meez Sticky Pals 12 Pack Fidget Toys £12.99

My Princess Dolls | 10 Pack Of Assorted Dolls £9.99

Bubblz 48 Pack of Bubble Wands - Bubble Solution Included £9.99

Teamsterz Street Machines Construction Playset | 12 Piece Construction Playset £9.99

Teamsterz Beast Machine Pull-Back Dino Racers - 6 Cars Included £9.99

Teamsterz Beast Machine Dino Car Play Set - 10 Die-Cast Cars £11.99

Party Bag Toys

Party bag toys are a fantastic addition to children's birthdays, expressing appreciation for guests. Affordable options abound, including small erasers, fidget spinners, and more, ensuring budget-friendly celebrations. Kids adore these bags filled with diverse delights like fidget toys, small stuffed animals, puzzles, books, crafts, and sweets. 

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