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Musical Toys

As your child is developing it’s important to keep them stimulated. Musical toys for babies and children are a great way to offer this physical and mental stimulation. This collection contains musical toys for babies as well as toddlers. You'll find toy drums from Peppa Pig and Hey Duggee as well as toy guitars from Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig.

If you're not sure which toy instrument to chose why not go for one of our big band sets from Peppa Pig or Hey Duggee. These sets contain multiple instruments including drums, trumpet, tambourine, maracas and castanets so your little one will be able to try all sorts of different musical instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Role play toys are toys that allow children to engage in pretend play and take on different roles and personas. These can include things like play kitchens, doctor kits, dress-up costumes, and more.

Playing with role play toys can help children develop their imagination, creativity, and social skills. It can also help with language development, problem-solving, and their emotions.

Role play toys can be suitable for children of all ages, from toddlers to older children. The specific age range will depend on the type of toy and the child's individual development.

Some popular role play toys for children include play kitchens, tool sets, doctor kits, dress-up costumes, and playhouses.

Some educational role play toys for children include science kits, cooking sets, construction sets, and musical instruments.

Some good role play toys for imaginative play include dress-up costumes, playhouses, play kitchens, and puppet theaters.

While some role play toys may be marketed to specific genders, such as dolls for girls and construction sets for boys. However, children of any gender can enjoy and benefit from playing with any type of role play toy.

You can encourage your child to use role play toys by providing them with a variety of options, modeling imaginative play, and joining in on their play.

Some of the best role play toys for toddlers include play kitchens, tool sets, play food, and dress-up costumes.

Some role play toys for outdoor play include sandboxes, playhouses, gardening sets, and water tables.

Role play toys can help children with social skills by encouraging cooperation, communication, and empathy as they engage in imaginative play with others.

As with any toy, there may be safety concerns with role play toys, such as small parts or sharp edges. It is important to follow age recommendations and supervise children during play.

Some popular role play toys for kids that are affordable include play food, doctor kits, dress-up costumes, and puppet theaters.

When choosing a role play toy for your child, consider their interests and developmental level. Look for toys that are age-appropriate, safe, and encourage imaginative play.

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