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Sensory Toys

Sensory toys have become extremely popular over recently and are ideal for helping a baby or toddler's development through play. They usually engage either one or more of the 5 senses that humans have, touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Playing with sensory toys is important for learning and helps to develop focus, creativity. If you use the correct sensory toys, they can promote mental and physical development as well as language, social and emotional abilities.

What are sensory toys?
Sensory toys help your child to play and engage at least one of their senses. Sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste and vestibular (movement, this is the movement and balance sense which gives us information about where our head and body are in space).
Why are sensory toys important?
  • They can promote a calming effect and reduce anxiousness.
  • They help with important brain development.
  • They can aid the advancement of motor skills, both gross and fine.
  • They help to bring out logical thinking and problem solving skills in. children.
  • They can help build connections of trust and with other children and adults.

You can browse our collection of sensory toys for toddlers and kids of all ages with musical toys, art and craft, fidget toys and more.

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