5 places you can donate used toys in the UK

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5 places you can donate used toys in the UK

Donating toys to children in need is a kind and compassionate gesture that can bring joy to many kids in the UK. There are several options available for people who want to donate toys in the UK, including charitable organisations, community centres, and shops that accept toy donations.

Salvation Army LogoThe first organisation on our round-up is The Salvation Army, which has been providing support to people in need for over 150 years. They offer various services, including emergency shelter, food, and clothing, and also accept toy donations to distribute to children who may not receive gifts during special occasions. Donations can be made by visiting one of their local charity shops or community centres. 

Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal
Across the UK, numerous Salvation Army churches and centres are organising a Christmas Present Appeal, aiming to gather donated gifts until mid-December. By contributing, you can assist us in spreading Christmas cheer to families whose children may not otherwise receive a present. Due to the cost of living crisis, they anticipate an increase in the number of families seeking aid this year.

You can aid them in this effort by discovering your closest appeal and donating fresh, unopened toys and gifts for children who may not have the opportunity to receive a Christmas present. Afterward, the presents will be wrapped and distributed to those who require assistance.

Barnados Logo Barnardo's is another UK-based charity that provides support to vulnerable children and young people. They offer over 1000 services, including counseling, education, and fostering and adoption, and accept toy donations to distribute to children in their care or sell in their charity shops. Donations can be made by visiting one of their shops or arranging a home collection through their online form.


Oxfam LogoOxfam is an international charity that works to reduce poverty and suffering worldwide. They accept toy donations, which are sold in their charity shops to raise funds for their programs. Donations can be made by 

a) Taking used toys to your local Oxfam shop (click here to locate your Oxfam nearest shop)
b) Donate toys by post - If you can't easily travel to your nearest Oxfam store, you can use our donation bags to donate toys by post for free. More info can be found here.


The Toy Project LogoThe TOY Project is a charity founded in 2013 by Jane Garfield and Angela Donovan that aims to recycle unwanted toys and provide them to children who need them. They support schools, hospitals, hospices, bereavement centres, community centres, migrant and women's refuge centres, prisons, homeless families, looked after children, children with complex needs, and families struggling financially. The charity also encourages learning through play by funding Lego workshops, art workshops, and storytelling and raises funds to support projects such as toy and book libraries, murals, and community events.

The TOY Project accepts donations of both new and used toys from individuals, local children and families, and businesses. They also receive funding from sources such as the National Lottery, Islington council, the Arsenal Foundation, and London funders and are supported by Arrow Valves and MONAT. The charity raises money through its shop by selling some of its donated toys. 

All donations of toys are to be taken by appointment only - Call 020 7503 9590 to book a time to drop off your toy donation.

For more information visit their website here

Cash for kids logoCash for Kids is a charity that supports children who are living in poverty, facing illness or disability, providing grants to cover the cost of essential items such as food, clothing, and medical equipment. They also organize various projects and events, including toy appeals during the holidays. Donations can be made by dropping off toys at one of their collection points or by donating money online.

The Children's Society is a UK-based charity that strives to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people, offering counseling, advocacy, and support for those living in poverty or facing abuse or struggling with mental health issues. The Children's Society also accepts donations of toys, which are given to children who may not have access to toys or other basic necessities. To donate toys to The Children's Society, you can visit one of their charity shops or make a donation online.

For more information visit their website here.

Donating toys to those in need is a wonderful way to spread joy and make a positive impact on the lives of children in the UK. There are many reputable charities and organisations that accept toy donations, and each one plays an important role in supporting vulnerable children and families. By donating toys, we can all do our part to make a difference in our local communities and help ensure that every child has the chance to experience the joy of play and the comfort of a beloved toy.


Noteworthy mentions

The Toy Appeal logo Toy Appeal is a charity that collects and distributes new toys to children in need, working with local councils and community groups to identify families who would benefit from their donations. They accept donations of toys, books, and games for children of all ages, and arrangements can be made through their online donation form. 

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