80 Christmas Jokes for Kids

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80 Christmas Jokes for Kids

Ah, it's that time of year again—the most enchanting and magical season when Christmas jokes for kids take centre stage! Whether you find yourself gathered with the little ones, creating homemade Christmas crafts, or embarking on a thrilling games of Christmas bingo, having a repertoire of jokes specifically crafted for kids is a secret weapon you don't want to be without! Kids Christmas joke never get old, and even those cherished chuckles from our own childhood are bound to ignite fits of laughter among the littlest of hearts. After all, what could be more precious than the gift of laughter? 

Are you feeling the need to sharpen your humour skills and unleash some serious LOL-inducing power during the holiday season? Well, you're in luck! We've meticulously gathered 100 of the absolute silliest, cheesiest, and undeniably funniest kids Christmas jokes. Brace yourself, because these jokes have a knack for spreading infectious laughter that will ripple through the entire family, captivating everyone from the youngest members to the young-at-heart. Sprinkle these witty gems into your Christmas games, weave them seamlessly into the fabric of your storytelling while reading Christmas books to the kids, or use them to unveil the enchantment of Christmas to the wide-eyed wonderers among us.

And fear not, these jokes are cleverly crafted to be easily remembered, making them an absolute hit with any audience that craves a good laugh.

Here we go... 80 Kids Christmas Jokes!

Because he wanted to improve his "wrap" skills!

An "abdominal" snowman!

Because it had too many "problems" to solve!

Crisp Kringle!

Sandy Claws!

It needed a trim!

Santa Paws!

"You light up my life!"

He had a bad case of "Claus-trophobia"!

Ice caps!

By riding an "avalanche"!


An "abdominal" snowman!

Merry Christmas to ewe!

Wrap music!

"Nothing, grapes don't talk!"

Because he had low "elf-esteem"!


It kept "dropping" its needles!

It was feeling crumby!

Saint Knickerless!

Frosty the Dough-man!

Deep pan, crisp, and even!

A "pen-guin"!

Because he wanted to sleep like a "log"!

He wanted to improve his "wrap" skills!

Santa Clues!

By waiting for the "spring"!

A "snowball"!

He left his sleigh in a snow parking zone.


Because it has no legs!

Because the penguins kicked him out of the South Pole!

A pineapple!

Do you smell carrots?

Santa Paws!

A Mistle-toad.

With a Pole-aroid camera, of course.

He has private elf care.

The turkey – he's always stuffed.

“Anything you like. He can't hear you!”

A long jumper!

A Pony sleigh station.

Because of all the wrapping!


A little shaken!

Just long enough to reach the ground!

There's a 100% chance of reindeer.

He refused to shovel snow!

He had a bad case of frostbite!

Fleece Navidad!

In a snow bank!

Lighten up!

A Holly Davidson!

Santa walking backwards!



Because he had the drum sticks!

Nothing, it was on the house!

It's Beyon-sleigh!

"Have Yourself A Berry Little Christmas."

At the ho-ho-ho-tel.

A Christmas Quacker.

Because Rudolph the red-knows-rain, deer!

  • Hold on for deer life.

Oh oh no

A mobile bone

A rebel without a Claus.

Elf-is Presley


I'm afraid it's Tinsel-itis

He keeps a 'log'!



"I don't like Brussels sprouts!"


Silent Night.

Because it soots him.

Santa Jaws.

Jungle bells!

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