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Dinosaur Toys

Teamsterz Beast Machines Triceratops Transporter £9.99 £12.99

EVO Light-Up Move 'N' Groove Scooter - Dinosaur £24.99

Teamsterz Beast Machine Dino Car Play Set - 10 Die-Cast Cars £11.99

Teamsterz Large Dinosaur Car Transporter £9.99 £14.99

EVO Move N Groove 3 Wheel Scooter | Dinosaur £16.99

EVO Light Up Character Dino Head Scooter £29.99 £39.99

Teamsterz Monster Moverz Dinosaur Rescue Transporter | Light and Sound £9.99 £14.99

EVO Light Up Inline Scooter - Dinosaur £24.99

Teamsterz Monster Moverz Mini Dinosaur Car | Lights & Sounds £4.99 £6.99

Teamsterz Beast Machines Monster Mayhem Toy Garage £29.99 £39.99

Teamsterz Beast Machine Pull-Back Dino Racers - 6 Cars Included £7.99 £9.99

Teamsterz Beast Machine Car Play Set - 6 Cars Included £6.99 £7.99

Dinosaur toys have been a beloved childhood favourite for generations. From small plastic figurines to large, lifelike models, these prehistoric playthings have captivated the imaginations of children and adults alike.

One of the earliest examples of a dinosaur toy was the Papoose Toy Company's "Dinosaur Models," which were released in the 1930s. These models were made of rubber and featured movable arms and legs, allowing children to play out their own dinosaur adventures.

Since then, dinosaur toys have evolved and improved significantly. Today, there is a vast array of options available, ranging from simple plastic figurines to intricate, hand-painted models made of resin or metal. Many of these toys are highly detailed and accurate, featuring realistic textures and colours that help bring the dinosaurs to life.

One popular type of dinosaur toy is the "dino-building" set, which allows children to construct their own prehistoric creatures using plastic or metal parts. These sets often come with a variety of parts, such as heads, bodies, legs, and tails, allowing kids to mix and match to create their own unique dinos.

Other dinosaur toys include electronic models that make roaring sounds or have glowing eyes, as well as ride-on toys that allow kids to pretend they are riding on the back of a fearsome T-Rex. There are even dinosaur-themed playsets, complete with miniature landscapes and accessories, such as trees, rocks, and prey animals.

In recent years, there has also been a surge in the popularity of "jumbo" dinosaur toys, which are oversized versions of classic dino figures. These toys can be several feet in length and are made of soft, plush materials, making them perfect for younger children to cuddle and play with.

No matter what type of dinosaur toy they choose, children of all ages will love the chance to explore the ancient world of these fascinating creatures. So why not give your little one the gift of adventure and imagination with a prehistoric plaything of their own?

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