Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Will Delight Every New Parent

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Will Delight Every New Parent

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a really lovely occasion where parents-to-be celebrate the imminent arrival of their new baby boy or girl with friends and family. It is usually a predominantly female event and there are usually gifts involved!

Baby Shower Party

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Baby Shower presents are usually small items like blankets, nappies, and baby grows, or sometimes more memorable presents like as baby scrap books or personalised artwork. Sometimes larger gifts are given at baby showers like baby room furniture, cots, changing units and prams. These types of gifts are usually given by close family members or as a group present due to the higher cost.

So who are baby shower gift actually for, Baby or Mum?

Baby shower gifts and presents are usually for the unborn baby. However they can also be for mum or both mum and dad. Sometimes a gift can be for the whole family to enjoy.

Here are a few tips for choosing baby shower gifts:

  • Time of year:  You'll need to think about what time of year baby will be born and buy your gift bearing that in mind. For example if it's clothes you are thinking about buying as a gift, make sure you don't buy a baby snow suit if baby is due in mid July!
  • Leave plenty of time:  If you are hand-making a gift like knitting a scarf or something similar, this can take a few weeks. Make sure to give yourself enough time.
  • Is it safe? If you are buying something for the mum-to-be, make sure she's actually able to have it whilst being pregnant. It should say on the packaging. Certain cosmetic products including some essential oils are not safe for women to use while pregnant but others are. Just check before purchasing.
  • keep the receipt: Just like wedding or birthday gifts, there a chance of gifts doubling up. Maybe you bought mum-to-be a baby monitor but grandma Ethel already bought her one. Make sure you give her the receipt so she can exchange for something else.

What is the standard amount to spend on a baby shower gift?

There's absolutely no pressure to splurge on a baby shower gift. Guests should feel free to pick something that aligns with their own budget and situation. Gifts can range from simple tokens of affection to more lavish items, especially if the family is involved or if there's a collective effort to buy something unique. Keep in mind that a baby shower isn't about the price tag or the quantity of gifts exchanged, but rather a joyous celebration of pregnancy and motherhood. Just having you there to share in the excitement will make the mom-to-be feel incredibly blessed on her special day!

What are the most sought after baby shower gifts?

Choosing gifts that save parents time or provide them with some pampering is always a wonderful idea. Practical items for when the baby arrives are also highly appreciated. It's also lovely to consider unique baby shower gifts such as personalised handmade items or meaningful keepsakes. Another popular suggestion is to put together a hamper filled with practical items that will be useful in the later stages of pregnancy or during the early days after the baby's birth. This hamper could include some luxurious products and treats as well, adding a touch of indulgence to the mix.

Inspiring Gift Ideas for Mum and Baby at a Baby Shower

  1. Baby Play mat
  2. Baby monitor
  3. Baby clothes
  4. Baby carrier
  5. Soft toys
  6. Nightlight
  7. Baby blanket
  8. Feeding equipment such as sterilisers
  9. Baby toys or comforters
  10. Changing mat
  11. Nappies
  12. Baby bath and bathing products
  13. Cot mobile
  14. Sound machine
  15. Baby products

Higher-ticket, useful baby shower gift Ideas for Mum and Baby

  1. Travel cot
  2. Baby bouncer or swing
  3. Pram or pushchair
  4. Car seat
  5. Cot
  6. High chair
  7. Baby food maker
  8. Baby furniture items
  9. Baby bottle steriliser

Handmade/homemade baby shower gift ideas

  1. A hand written book of IOU'S offering your help in terms of baby sitting of course, dog walking and anything else your mum-to-be might appreciate.
  2. A nappy cake! (Here's a link to instructions on how to make one)
    Nappy Cake
  3. A pamper hamper for mum-to-be
  4. Baby shower gift basket or hamper

Personal touch baby shower gifts

  1. Home made meals
  2. Nursery accessories
  3. Handmade artwork for the nursery
  4. Handmade clothes
  5. Baby books
  6. Personalised keepsakes
  7. Photo frames
  8. Baby scrap book
    Baby Scrap Book
  9. Nursery Height Chart

Baby Shower gifts perfect for mum

  1. Hamper of goodies, chocolates, wine etc.
  2. Personalised jewellery
  3. Maternity cushion
  4. Changing bag
  5. Subscription to an audiobook service
  6. Products to help with pregnancy and birth
  7. Pyjamas, dressing gown, or wearable blanket
  8. Gift vouchers
  9. Book
  10. Aromatherapy candles

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