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Baby & Toddler Toys

Have a browse through our baby and toddler toys collection. You’ll find everything from bath toys and tummy time toys to wooden toys, baby role play and dolls. Our range features toys from brands like Peppa Pig, Teamsterz, Woodworks and more. We have a wide selection of toys for babies including tummy time play mats, baby rattles, building blocks and shape sorters. These types of sensory toys are perfect for helping your little one progress mentally and physically from newborn to pre-school.
Sensory Toys
From birth everything your baby experiences will be brand new. Colours, sounds, and the feel of objects are all new. Using the correct baby toys can help to develop this new experience for them. One of the first thing your baby will see is high contrast colours and patterns and as this develops they will start to show interest toys that have these characteristics like shape sorters and ball pits. Baby toys that play music or make sounds like rattles will also aid their development.
Travel toys
Playtime whilst you are travelling is also important. Clip on pram toys, stroller mobiles and infant carrier toy bars are ideal for when you are out and about together.

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