EVO VT1 Electric Scooter - Deep Dive

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The EVO VT1 Electric Scooter - Deep Dive

EVO VT1 Electric Scooter


• Suitable for users over 6 years of age
• Suitable for users under 50kg
• 8kmh / 5mph Max. Speed
• 4-6km / 2.5-3.5 miles max. range
• 2-3 hours charging time
• 100 Watt Motor
• 21.6 Volt Lithium Battery
• Rear Foot Brake
• 145mm Diameter Wheels
• Folds for easy storage and transport

EVO VT1 Scooter Specification


Age: 6 Years+
Maximumuser weight: 50 kg
Not to be used in traffic.
It is dangerous to use this electric scooter in areas other than
private grounds.
Adult assembly required.
Protective equipment should be worn.

Materials & Size

Material: Steel & Aluminium.
Folded Size: 665*295*133mm
Unfolded Size: 830*350*730mm

Net Weight: 4.5kg
Max Load: 50kg

Max Speed(km/h): 8km/h
Max Range(km): 4-6km
Max Incline:3-4°
Using Temperature:
0°C - 45°C
IP Grade: IPX4


Rated power(W): 100W
Front Wheel Size: 145mm
Rear Wheel Size: 130mm


Rated voltage: 21.6V
Capacity(Ah): 2.0Ah


Rated input (V/A): 100-240VAC
50/60Hz 0.8A Max.
Rated output voltage: 25.2V
Current: 0.7A
Charging time(H):
Model No.: FY0182520700B
Type: Type G

Before and After Use

Before use
• Before first use, the battery should be charged for 2-3 hours.
• Charge the battery in a dry area indoors only.
• The charger is not a toy.
• The rechargeable battery is only to be charged by an adult.
• Do not allow children to play with the charger or to recharge the battery.
• Disconnect the battery charger and unplug from the scooter when not charging.
• It is normal for the charger to get warm during charging but if the charger is very hot, stop charging, unplug the charger and carefully check the battery and charger.
• Fully charge the scooter before storing it for a long period.
• Recharge the product every 2 months when not in use to prolong the battery lifetime.
• Ensure batteries are inserted with the correct polarity.
• Exhaused batteries are to be removed from the toy and disposal of properly.
• Do not store the product in freezing or below freezing temperatures as extreme temperatures will permanently damage the battery. • The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.
• Before each use, the operator shall perform the pre-operational checks specified by the manufacturer:
- That any axle guards, other covers or guards supplied are in place and in serviceable condition.
- Ensure that the brake function is functioning properly.
- Ensure that all components are properly secured and are functioning according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
- Inspect wheels for excess wear and replace if necessary
• Components should be maintained and repaired in accordance with the manufacturers authorized replacement parts with Installation performed by skilled individuals or dealers.
• Charging time: 2-3 hours
• Estimated playtime: 35 minutes
• Estimated battery lifetime: 1 to 2 years depending on conditions of use.
• Number of recharges: Up to 200 times

During use
• Protective equipment should be worn.
• Hold the handlebars with both hands at all time.
• Keep your fingers and any others body parts away from the motor, steering system, wheels and any other moving component.
• Never immerse the scooter in water, electrical components could be damaged by water or create other possible safe conditions.
• Only use this product on smooth, dry and level surfaces
• Never use on busy streets, roads or highways
• This product should be used with caution since skill is required to avoid falling or collision causing injury to user of third parties.
• Do not attempt or perform any stunts or tricks on this electric scooter. This product is not made to withstand abuse from jumping, curb grinding or any other type of misuse or stunts.

Charging the VT1

For the purpose of recharging the battery, only use the detachable supply unit provided with this toy
(Charger model: FY0182520700B). NEVER substitute the battery or the charger with another brand.

Using another battery or charger may cause a fire or explosion.
- Do not use the battery or charger for any other product.
- The charger is not a toy.
- Please charge the product indoors.
- This toy contains batteries that are non-replaceable

• Batteries must be fully charged before riding on the electric scooter.
• Initial battery charge time: 2-3 hours
• Recharge after initial charge: 2-3 hours
• When scooter is not in regular use, batteries need to be charged once
every two months to maintain battery performance.
• This product has CHARGING PROTECTION: When charging, all the
functions will be disabled!

How to charge your VT1 electric scooter
1. Fold the scooter and let it rest on ground.
2. Plug-in the charging plug of
battery charger to charging port
of electric scooter.
3. Plug-in the power plug of battery
charger in socket.
4. Charging for 2 to 3 hours until the light indicator changes from Red to Green.
5. During charging, all function of the electric scooter is disabled.
6. During the charging, the RED indicator of battery charger will light up.
7. Once the charging is completed or disconnected from the electric scooter, the GREEN indicator will light up.
8. Unplug charger from electric scooter.
9. There is CHARGING PROTECTION and the battery will not be charged when the temperature of battery is hot (e.g. 70˚C after extend period of riding). If it happens, switch off the electric scooter, wait for 30 minutes and let the temperature of battery to cool down. Then plug-in the charging plug for charging again.

How to fold the VT1 Electric Scooter

How to fold the EVO VT1 E-Scooter

1. Loosen the Folding lock.
2. Push up the Folding lever in one hand and gently
push down the Steering column slowly with the
other hand when hear the “click” sound to
complete the folding to desired position. Mind
your head when folding the scooter.
3. Completely folded
4. Rest Mode.

How to Operate the EVO VT1 Electric Scooter

Before you start...

• Maximum user weight of 50kg should not be exceeded.
• Read all instructions before using the scooter for the first time..
• Keep instructions for future reference.
• This product must be assembled by an adult.
• Not for use on busy streets, roads or highways.
• Only use this product on smooth, dry and flat surfaces.
• Do not overload the vehicle - only one child at a time.
• Correct assembly of this product is vital, Incorrect assembly can causeharm to the child. Please check the product before use.
• This product should be used caution since skill is required to avoid falling or collision causing injury to user or third parties.

child using the EVO VT1 Electric scooter

Please note: The scooter will generate “Beep” sounds if:

1. The scooter is left unattended for around 10 seconds, and it will “Beep” once. Then, it will enter sleep mode.
2. During sleep mode, push the scooter or kick start to trigger the motor, it will “Beep” once.
3. After kick start and the scooter is moving and the motor engaged, it will “Beep” once.
4. Whilst the scooter is moving, if the rider stops the scooter, it will “Beep” once.
5. If the battery voltage is low (less than 18V), it will “Beep” for 10 seconds continuously. This is to remind you that it is time to recharge the battery

EVO VT1 Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Guide

VT1 E-Scooter Will Not Run

Possible Cause 1 - Battery is not charged
Fully charge the battery. First charge for 3 hours and up to 2-3 hours for recharges
Possible Cause 2 - Wires or connectors are loose or unplugged
Check to ensure that charger is tightly plugged into both the wall and the scooter.
Possible Cause 3 - Pedal (Power button) is not stepped on correctly
Make sure to step on the centre of Pedal.
Possible Cause 4 - Without forward momentum
Step on the Pedal, kick start until the scooter is moving. The motor will engage only if the scooter gains momentum.

Scooter Run Time Is Short

Possible Cause 1 - Battery requires charging
Fully charge the battery. First charge should be 3 hours and up to 2-3 hours for recharges. Check to ensure that battery charger is tightly plugged into both the wall and the scooter.
Possible Cause 2 - Battery will not accept full charge
Make sure power flow to the wall outlet is on. Battery may need to be replaced. Even with the proper care rechargable batteries do not last forever. The average rechargeable battery life is 1 to 2 year depending on scooter conditions and use. Replace only with EVO replacement batteries.

Scooter Suddenly Stops Working

Possible Cause - Pedal (Power button) is not stepped on correctly
Make sure to step on the centre of Pedal.

Scooter Runs Sluggishly

Possible Cause 1 - Unsuitable riding conditions
Ride only on solid, flat, clean and dry surfaces such as pavement or flat ground.
Possible Cause 2 - Scooter is overloaded
Make sure the scooter is not overloaded. The product is designed to sustain a maximum weight of 50kg. Avoid overloading the scooter as this will prematurely wear out the batteries and scooter. Do not ride uphill a steep slope or use the scooter tow any object.
Possible Cause 3 - Battery is very low
Recharge the battery up to 3 hours.

Maintaining Your EVO VT1 Electric Scooter


The VT1 Electric Scooter was designed and manufactured with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Inspect Regularly for:

• Examine the charger regularly for damage to the cord, plug, enclosure and other parts. If such damage is found, stop using the charger until
it is repaired.
• Ensure that the brake function is functioning properly.
• Ensure that all components are properly secured and are functioning according to the manufacturer’s specifications
• Inspect wheels for excess wear and replace if necessary.
• Please add oil for lubrication (centre of front wheel) periodically and replace bearing when its worn.
• Use a few drops of light machine oil to lubricate wheel bearing (centre of front wheeel). Clean bearing after use.
• Regular maintance enhances the safety of the equipement.
• Scooter should never be ridden by more than one person at a time.
• Never ride at night, check local laws regarding scooter use and obey all traffic and pedestrian regulations, and give right of way to pedestrians.
• Care should be taken when riding on wet pavements as braking action and wheel traction may be reduced.
• Reserve longer braking distance during wet conditions.
• Never leave your scooter unattended.
• Do not modify the scooter or change the scooter in anyway not outlined in these instructions.
• Self locking nuts and fixings may lose effectiveness over time so please check and tighten periodically.

Frame, Fork and Handlebars

Check for cracks or broken connections. Although broken frames are rare, it is possible for an aggressive rider to run into a curb or wall and
bend or break a frame. Get into the habit of inspecting your scooter on a regular basis.


Periodically inspect the wheels for excess wear.

Safety Gear

Always wear proper protective equipments such as an approved safety helmet, elbow pads and knee pads and sport shoes(not open toed). Never ride barefooted or in sandals.


Make sure the power switch is turned off whenever the scooter is not in use. Never store the product in freezing or below freezing temperatures! Freezing condition will damage the battery permanently

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