EVO VT3 Electric Scooter - Deep Dive

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• Suitable for users over 14 years of age
• Suitable for users under 80kg
• 18kmh / 11mph Max. Speed
• 6-10km / 4-6 miles max. range
• 3-4 hours charging time
• 250 Watt Motor
• 25.2 Volt Lithium Battery
• Rear Foot Brake
• 145mm Diameter Wheels
• Folds for easy storage and transport
• Instrument Panel
• Headlight
• Retractable Kickstand


Age: 14 Years+
Maximumuser weight: 80 kg
Not to be used in traffic.
It is dangerous to use this electric scooter in areas other than
private grounds.
Adult assembly required.
Protective equipment should be worn.

Materials & Size

Material: Steel & Aluminium.
Folded Size: 950*425*350mm
Unfolded Size: 950*425*1000mm

Net Weight: 9.3kg
Max Load: 80kg

Max Speed(km/h): 18km/h
Max Range(km): 10km
Max Incline:6-8°
Using Temperature:
0°C - 45°C
IP Grade: IPX4


Rated power(W): 250W
Front Wheel Size: 6inch
Rear Wheel Size: 6inch


Rated voltage: 25.2V
Capacity(Ah): 4.0Ah


Rated input (V/A): 100-240VAC
50/60Hz 1.8A Max.
Rated output voltage: 29.4V
Current: 2.0A
Charging time(H):
Model No.: FY0632942000
Type: Type G


1) When riding the scooter, please wear a safety helmet and other protective equipment, as well as fitting sports shoes.
2) This product is an electric scooter for adults. Usage is limited to one person. Do not carry others at the
same time.
3) Do not ride this product in unsafe or illegal places.
4) Do not take dangerous actions such as riding with one hand while operating the scooter. Always hold
the handlbars with both hands and keep both feet on the scooter.
5) Do not go over bumps that are steeper than 3 cm. This may cause the scooter to overturn and cause
injury to the user or damage the scooter. Bumps or potholes less than 3cm should also be avoided as much as possible.
6) For your driving safety, always keep safe speed. Avoid using the scooter at night.
7) Do not use in wet or icy weather.
8) In the event of bumps or poor road conditions, please operate the scooter slowly or get off the
scooter and manually push until conditions improve.
9) Do not ride the scooter on oily terrains or icy surfaces.
10) Ensure batteries are inserted with the correct polarity.
11) In severe weather such as rain, snow, or strong winds, please avoid riding as much as possible to avoid possible damage. During wet weather, extension of braking distance should be reserved.
12) The user should use this product in accordance with the relevant instructions in this product manual, and not exceed the load that the scooter can bear (Maximum weight: 80kg).
13) Please avoid using or placing or store the scooter in a extremely high or low temperature environment.
14) Ride on a smooth road. Don’t ride on a road with pits
15) Ride legally in strict accordance with the local laws and regulations.

Your VT3's Operating Range

Please note the scooter can travel a distance of 10km on a fully charged battery in ideal conditions. The following are some of the major factors that will affect the operating range of your scooter.

A smooth, flat surface will increase your driving distance, while driving uphill, as well as rough or uneven terrain will reduce your distance significantly.

WEIGHT: The weight of the user can affect driving distance, a lighter user will have further range than a heavier user.

Please ride and store the scoooter under recommended temperatures, which will increase driving distance, battery life, and overall performance of your scooter.

MAINTENANCE: Reasonable battery charging and maintenance will increase the distance. Overcharging the battery can reduce range.

SPEED AND DRIVING STYLE:Maintaining a moderate speed will increase your distance; while travelling at high speeds for extended periods, frequent starts, stop, idling, along with frequent acceleration and deceleration will
reduce your overall distance.

Assembly & Set Up


1) Release the metal loop from hook.
2) Lift up the handle bar
3) Make sure the c-clip snapped in place.
4) Turn the locking knob clockwise and fasten tight the steering column.

Handlebars Assembly

1) Assemble handlebars in
direction as shown.
2) Adjust and fix the throttle and electric brake with small hex key provided.

how to fold the EVO VT3 Folding Scooter

How to fold the EVO VT3 E-Scooter

1. Turn the locking knob anti-clockwise to loosen
the lock.
2. Lift down the steering columnn slowly
3. Clip the metal loop on hook.

Charging your VT3 E-scooter

This product has CHARGING PROTECTION: When charging, all the functions will be cut off!

1) Power off the scooter. Set up the scooter in rest mode and let it rest on ground and open charging port cover.
2) Plug-in the charging plug of
battery charger to charging port of lithium scooter
3) Plug-in the power plug of
battery charger in socket.

4) Charge for 3 to 4 hours until the light indicator changes from Red to Green.
5) During charging, all function of the lithium scooter is disabled.
6) During the charging, the RED indicator of battery charger will light up.
7) Once the charging is completed or disconnected from the lithium scooter, the GREEN indicator will light up.
8) Unplug charger from lithium scooter and place charging cover back to the charging port.
9) There is CHARGING PROTECTION and the lithium battery will not be charged when the temperature of lithium battery is hot (e.g. 50 degrees or after extended period of riding). If this happens, switch off the lithium scooter, wait for 30 minutes and let the temperature of lithium battery cool down. Then plug-in the charging plug for charging again.
10) The scooter should only be charged under adult supervision.

EVO VT3 Lcd Control Panel Display

The EVO VT3 Lcd Control Panel Display


Battery Level
Shift up Gear Button
Shift up Gear Button
On / Off Button
Electric Brake Lever

How to Operate the EVO VT3 Electric Scooter

Press and hold the On / Off button for 2 seconds to POWER ON the scooter.
Press and hold the On / Off button for 2 seconds again to POWER OFF the scooter.

Press and hold the right Throttle to accelerate.
Release the Throttle to decelerate.
The deeper the Throttle is pressed down the faster the scooter will move.

Tap the Shift up/ Shift down button to switch gears
The gear can be set to:
Level 1 (Eco mode) at max. 6km/h
Level 2 at max. 15km/h
and Level 3 at max. 18km/h

Press the left Electric brake lever to stop the scooter or use the foot to press the rear brake on rear fender.

When the scooter is powered on, press and hold ‘’Shift up gear button” for 2 seconds to TURN ON the headlight.
When the headlight is on, press and hold ‘’shift up gear button” for 2 seconds to TURN OFF the headlight.

Note: Kick start until the scooter is moving, then press throttle. The motor will engage only if the scooter gains momentum.

Prchase the VT3 Electric Scooter

EVO VT3 Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Guide

VT3 E-Scooter Will Not Start

Possible Cause 1 - Battery is not charged
Fully charge the battery. First charge for 4 hours prior to using the scooter for the first time.
Possible Cause 2 - Wires or connectors are loose or unplugged
Check to ensure that charger is tightly plugged into the charging point.
Possible Cause 3 - Charger not working
Ensure power flow to the wall outlet is on.
Possible Cause 4 - Without forward momentum before depressing the throttle
kick start until the scooter is moving, then pressthrottle. The motor will engage only if the scooter gains momentum.

Scooter Run Time Is Short

Possible Cause 1 - Battery requires charging
Charge the battery for at least 4 hours for the first charge, and at least 4 hours for subsequent charges. Make sure charger plug is connected to 100-240V power supply.
Possible Cause 2 - Battery will not full charge
Make sure power flow to the wall outlet is on. Battery may need to be replaced. Even with the proper care, rechargable batteries do not last forever. The average rechargeable battery life is 1 to 2 years depending on scooter conditions and use. replace only with EVO replacement batteries

Sometimes the scooter doesn’t run

Possible Cause - Loose wires or connection
Check all wires around the motors and all connectors to make sure they are tight.

Scooter Runs Sluggishly

Possible Cause 1 - Scooter is overloaded
Make sure the scooter is not overloaded. This product is designed to sustain a maximum of 80kg. An excessive overload triggers off automatic protection and makes the scooter refuse to start. Do not ride uphill a steep slope or use the scooter to tow any carriage. Do not overload the scooter, which may cause the battery and the electronics to age prematurely and damage the power system.
Possible Cause 2 - Unsuitable riding conditions
Only ride on solid, even clean and dry surfaces such as pavement or flat ground.
Possible Cause 3 - Battery is very low
Recharge the battery up to 4 hours.

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