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Dolls Prams for 1 Year Olds

BabyBoo Kitty Doll Stroller - Blue £14.99

Peppa Pig 4 in 1 My First Dolls Pram - Pink £29.99

Dream Creations 4 in 1 My First Dolls Pram £29.99

BabyBoo My First 4-IN-1 Interchangeable Dolls Pram £26.99

Dolly Tots My First 4 in 1 Dolls Pram £24.99

Peppa Pig 4-IN-1 My First Dolls Pram £29.99

BabyBoo Bambino Jungle Print 4-IN-1 Dolls Pram £26.99

Dolly Tots Cutie Dolls Pram £21.99

Dolly Tots Beside Me Dolly Cot £21.99

BabyBoo Dolls Stroller in Kitty Print - Includes Doll £17.99 £19.99

Dolly Tots Dolls Stroller - Includes Doll £16.99

Dolly Tots Dolls Single Stroller £10.99

Bluey Jogger Dolls Pram + Bluey Interactive Telephone Bundle £29.99

Welcome to our collection of dolls prams ideal for 1 year olds, where we have an exclusive selection of prams specially designed for your little ones to transport their beloved dolls and stuffed animals.

Our prams come in various colours and designs, ranging from classic to modern. We take pride in ensuring that each pram is of high quality and made with safety as our top priority. Our prams have adjustable seats, canopies, and sturdy frames to provide maximum support and comfort for your child's dolls and stuffed animals.

In addition to being a fun and entertaining toy, dolls prams also promote imaginative play and storytelling. Your child can take their dolls and stuffed animals on adventures, creating unique scenarios and stories.

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