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Fairfax & Co.

FairFax & Co 72 Piece Pencil Drawing Set £17.99

FairFax & Co Premium Quality Sketch Pad - 40 Sheets of A4 £6.99

FairFax & Co Dual Tip Watercolour Brush Pens - 36 Peice Set £14.99

FairFax & Co Deluxe Acrylic Paint Pen Set - 12 Pens £9.99

Watercolour Dual Tip Brush Pens Set of 36 + A4 40 Sheet Premium Sketch Pad Bundle £16.99

72 Piece Pencil Drawing Set + A4 40 Sheet Premium Quality Sketch Pad Bundle £19.99

Welcome to Fairfax & Co.'s enchanting collection of art and craft supplies, thoughtfully designed for young artists and aspiring art students. Our commitment is to provide top-quality materials that ignite creativity and nurture artistic growth.

For budding Picassos, we offer a delightful array of child-friendly art supplies. From washable watercolors and non-toxic colored pencils to safety-tested brushes and sketchbooks, we prioritize safety without compromising on artistic potential. Our selection is perfect for school projects, home activities, and creative play.

Aspiring art students will find an extensive range of tools tailored to their needs. Explore professional-grade paints, high-quality canvases, and precision brushes to elevate your artistry. Fairfax & Co. empowers you to embark on your artistic journey with confidence, whether you're studying art formally or pursuing it as a passion.

We believe that fostering creativity from a young age is essential. That's why our supplies are not only safe but also inspiring, encouraging children and students to explore their artistic talents and imagination freely.

Unleash your artistic potential with Fairfax & Co. Browse our collection today and let your creativity flourish. Join us in celebrating the joy of creating art that leaves a lasting impression.

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