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Hey Duggee Toys

Hey Duggee is a popular British animated preschool television series that has become a favourite among young children and their families. The show follows the adventures of a group of young animals, known as the Squirrel Club, who attend a nature-themed after-school club run by a lovable golden retriever named Duggee. The series is known for its fun and educational themes, as well as its catchy songs and colourful animation.

One of the reasons Hey Duggee is so popular is because of the wide range of toys and merchandise that is available. From stuffed animals to playsets, there is something for every child to enjoy.

One of the most popular Hey Duggee toys is the Hey Duggee Musical Big Band Toy play set. This set makes a great gift idea for any little one with a love for music toys and of course Hey Duggee. It includes six fun, first musical instruments for ages 3 plus. Beat the drum, play the trumpet, smash the symbols, bash the tambourine, shake the maracas and cup the castanets.

Another popular toy is the Hey Duggee Toy Till/Cash Register, which includes over 18 accessories. Your child can run their very own shop from within their own home. With groceries for them to sell, the toy till with a working calculator to help them total up the amount and then 3 different types of payments featuring a contactless card. Even the till beeps when the card is tapped. This is the ideal present for any child that loves anything Hey Duggee. Not only does this toy shop offer endless hours of fun but it also encourage lots of creative play. 

Hey Duggee toys offer a wide range of fun, educational, and entertaining options for children. From playsets to plush dolls, building blocks to clothing, there is something for every child to enjoy. Whether your child is a fan of the show or simply loves to play with fun, colourful toys, Hey Duggee has something to offer.

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