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Newborn Toys

VTECH On-the-Go Soft Zebra £19.99

VTech Rattle & Shake Birdie £10.99 £12.99

VTech Squishy Lights Learning Tablet £15.99

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Twist & Learn Gamer Activity Toy £17.99

VTech Stack, Rattle & Link Elephant £19.99

VTech Sleepy Sloth Cot Light £19.99

VTech Lights & Stripe Zebra Toy £19.99

VTech Peek-A-Boo Surprise Toy £19.99

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Press & Slide Phone Activity Toy £14.99

Fisher Price Giant Light-Up Xylophone Walker £29.99 £37.99

Lamaze Freddie The Firefly Sensory Toy £15.99

Lamaze Rusty The Robot Sensory Toy £15.99

As a provider of newborn toys, we offer a great selection of fun, educational, and safe toys to stimulate your little one's senses and encourage their development. Our toys are specially designed to entertain and enhance your baby's sensory experience while being durable and safe to use.

Newborn toys play an essential role in the development of your baby. Babies are born with limited senses, so toys play a critical role in stimulating their senses, including sight, touch, and hearing. Toys also help to develop crucial skills, such as problem-solving, fine motor, and hand-eye coordination. Additionally, toys provide a source of entertainment for babies, which keeps them engaged and happy.


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