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Toys for 4 Year Olds

At four years old, a child is close to starting primary school so the toys you chose will be a little more advanced than what you might be used to. The Peppa Pig cash register is great for teaching your little one the basics of how money works, or what about our game, Tangler? A game of dexterity and suitable for all the family, just throw the dice and twist and turn your body on to the coloured circles.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best toys for 4 year olds are the ones that are age-appropriate, safe, and fun. Some popular choices include:

Educational toys can help 4 year olds learn new skills and concepts. Some popular choices include:

  • Alphabet blocks
  • Counting bears
  • Shape sorters
  • Magnetic letters and numbers
  • Early reading books
  • Maths games

Creative toys can help 4 year olds express themselves and develop their imaginations. Some popular choices include:

Fun toys are the ones that keep 4 year olds entertained and engaged. Some popular choices include:

When choosing toys for 4 year olds, it is important to make sure they are safe. Toys should be free of sharp edges, small parts that could be a choking hazard, and any other potential hazards. It is also important to supervise your child when they are playing with toys to make sure they are using them safely.

Durable toys can withstand the wear and tear of 4 year olds' active play. Some popular choices include:

  • Wooden toys
  • Metal toys
  • Rubber toys
  • Plastic toys that are made with high-quality materials
  • Outdoor toys, such as balls, bikes, and swings
  • Stuffed animals
  • Dolls
  • Action figures
  • Building blocks
  • Art supplies
  • Puzzles
  • Games
  • Books

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