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Orchard Toys & Games

Orchard Toys is a UK-based company that has been creating high-quality, fun, and educational games, puzzles, and activities for children for over 50 years. The founders, Keith and Noel Leighton, started the company in 1971 with a mission to provide children with engaging toys that also help them develop key skills, such as language and numeracy.

One of the company's distinguishing features is its use of bright, colourful designs that are visually appealing and stimulating for kids. Orchard Toys offers a wide range of products, including jigsaw puzzles, board games, card games, and activity books, all made with eco-friendly materials and crafted to the highest standards.

Teachers and parents alike have turned to Orchard Toys products to support classroom and home learning. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and education has earned them numerous accolades, including the "Best Educational Toy" award at the Loved by Parents Awards 2020.

Orchard Toys is a trusted and beloved brand that has successfully provided children with engaging, educational, and high-quality toys for decades.

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